i am Diverians

i am Diverians

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello SadlyApril

Sweet 22nd to myself on 16th April..
Finally :) grown up now! Challenges!
Dad's not well, currently i'm at home, take care of him maybe for the last time..only Allah knows when the time will comes..this sad news, i'll take it as a whole new thing in my life..

New thing? Yeahhhh, can't believe i'm publishing my new post through new apps from my iPhone..
Got to go..chow! :) xoxo

Saturday, March 17, 2012


2 more days until my sis Birthday! 
she's 27 this year..
omg! i love her so damn much!

next, what i'm doing right now?
been sitting here for two hours! studying and updating my iTunes!
or gotta say that, I NEED TO BE ALONE!
yeah, you see that!
why? because....as usual, FRIENDS!
don't understand why i always get friends who always annoy me!
i never make a joke or laugh whenever they are serious!
but when i'm trying to be serious, they always laugh at me!
whatever BITCH! as long as you're happy with it and no cost me a thing!

abah :(
i know something is not good happen to him...
can feel that tho..
i just want him to be STRONG and always BE THERE for me!
at ben's Pavilion.
truly miss him :'(
if only i can donate everything that i have just to keep him besides me.
is that too much to ask?
i'm trying to be happy here and forgets everything..but i couldn't forget it..
whenever i'm alone, there's always him on my mind...
friends never understand how i feel everyday...
they are so lucky for their normal life and smiles everyday...
just hold on Abah...
i'm always pray for you and achieving your dreams...

21 days to HOME_SWEET_HOME!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bloogie. is. now. Terry.

after watching "Sky of Love" a Japanese love story.
i decided to name my Blog from "Bloogie" to "Terry" :')
hope it'll make you happy Terry.
oh, i never forget you birthday (19 February 1990)
you always there with me.
you know it.

now, i'm not alone, i know that.
people keep treat me bad.
but, you never did that.
you're my best friend, lover, brother, family.
so, i'll move on with my life and your job, stay with me.

i'll not revenge whatever 25 and his friend did to me.
cause i know, someone will did that for me.
what you give is what you will get.
move on. move on. move on.

Sky of Love.
really gives me everything that i want.
so, Terry, see you soon! 

with lurve, Liz xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012


just like what BrunoMars sing, "if you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door, cause it would take a whole medication, To realize what we used to have, we don't have it anymore!"
i'm hurt so bad with these two dudes attitude in a same week, month..
whattafuck! why i'm such a loser! .______."

1st dude: bumped him at Pavilion's with his new GF! with his buddies which quite close to me too!
               speechless and hurts! yes, i'm alone at that time coz of i've to pick up the frame photos at the                   
               Fahrenheit! freaking awkward moment and glad it's all over now! i guess, i'm ok at that moment.
               never taught it will happens right in front of my eyes! that's it. enough. i'm fine : )

2nd dude: well, well, well, where should i start this shit story....ever! ._____." here it goes. so, this dude a.k.a 
                25 where i always tweet about him on twitter. i still remember my friend, 'M' who is his neighbor 
                in Bangi. he told M how he really want my number and want to contact me. i asked M to give him 
                my number since M don't have his number. then, we texted and he called me once just before he 
                has a friendly match in Johor if i'm not mistaken. so, everything's OK and went well. out of sudden,
                he show his interest to me and i didn't expect that since he's a footballer and i'm just a student. 
                he told me how he really want to meet me when i come back for my holiday. so, aku ne excited 
                la kan, siapa tak hati bunga-bunga kalau dah cenggini. so, i countdown the days and blah blah blah.
                when i got back from Penang, he fetched me at KL Sentral and sent me back home (Putra je) so 
                we didn't talked much since i'm so exhausted - 10 hours train ride ok! and he kinda silent himself 
                too. which was awkward la kan. nak sangat jumpa aku tapi end up hang senyap. so, ok la. nothing
                much happened until a few days before i'm going back to my Uni. the day before i'm going back,
                he whatsapp me and asked how i'm going to the airport and stuff, how he will miss me and you
                know those sweet-talk stuff and suddenly he said that he wanted to send me at the airport. so, on
                Monday, after i had  lunch with my sister at KLCC, i took a train to Bukit Jalil and met him with
                3 luggage (which weighted 17KG). guess what, all the way from BJ to KLIA, he just silent himself 
                and double awkward for me! what happen la this dude? cannot talk ka? suddenly it's raining at the 
                Putrajaya highway and suddenly he said, "even raining kind a sad when you're leaving, haza" .___."
                i thought he completely silent cause of he's sad with my departure. we never meet at the mall, 
                hangout or even catch some movie. i understand how busy a footballer's life is. after dropping me 
                at the departure lobby, he refused to stay and give reason that the car park is quite far. BUT i 
                know he got something to say and he didn't say anything. so, i pulled my trolley into the check-in
                bags and take care of my departure while he already left me alone at the airport. i felt so SAD and 
                frustrated cause i thought he will say something which i do hope it's gonna be a happy ending for 
                me. i cried. then, i went to the departure hall and waited there. he text me asked if anything's OK. 
                told him that everything's OK and i cried. he asked me to be strong. 3 hours flight to LFT. arrived 
                there and took a cab to my hostel. saw he posted on fb, "selasa-jumaat" and wondering what will 
                happen on that day? oh wait, it's already Tuesday. so i posted, "12:34am and i miss you! .___." 
                good night and Assalamualaikum" and he liked my status. suddenly suspicious feeling attacked me, 
                saw a lady who always commented and liked all of his status on FB. the suspicious starts when 
                why this lady knew what is he will be doing on Tuesday-Friday and i didn't know ANYTHING.
                yet, he just drove me to the airport and he told me NOTHING on Monday! did some investigation
                with my friends and on Wednesday 12:34am i sent him whatsapp messages stated that how sad am
                i for this situation. not SAD but REGRETS. i mean, why on earth i didn't know what will happen 
                on that day but other people knew about it. and i told him that i already started to like him, and will
                truly understand all of his stories if he told me. NO answer for that messages until Wednesday night
                at 10.45pm, where he send me an SMS said that his whatsapp got a problem! WTF! you just read
                that messages on 1:04am coz your whatsapp just said that they last seen you at 1:04am! SMH!
                i'm not in the mood to text him AFTER i just found out that he already have a GF and will get 
                marry soon. found out from M and she told me the lady who liked and commented his status is his
                GF. heartbroken. regrets. i have 2 questions and need these two bloody human being answer my 
                question! 1st, what i have done to BOTH of you til i have to suffered this? WHY! and miss M, like
                seriously BITCH? what have i done to you? thought you're my BFF! Kiss my ass, Bitch! you never
                told me about his status and NEVER tried to warned me at ALL. I WILL END THIS AND 

yes ladies, almost the whole story! read it and NEVER ever trust your friend when it comes to your heart and feelings. just go with your heart cause your heart already beats for you and never failed you!
yes, i'm hurt so much. :'( 
980KM from Kuala Lumpur just safe their lives or else, i'll ripped out everything!
-the end-

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


hello blooogies!
well, just start my new semester this week, eww!
hehehe, so, how many subject i will take this semester? ..8 SUBJECTS! woo!
1. Macroeconomics.
2. Financial Management.
3. Principles of Marketing.
4. Ethics & Morals.
5. Learning Skills.
7. Mandarin Language.
8. Archery.

..so what do you think? Well, i think i can handle it this semester!

what with twenty-FIVE?
-he's a footballer with a jersey number: 25.
-met him 4 times: 2 official met him and 2 unofficial.
-the thing is why he is so secretive and silent but he never fail to text me?
-why why and why?
-there's so much to write here but i guess, i will do some investigation and when i get the result, i will tell you, Bloogies! :|

wish me luck with my new semester! love you! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


hello February! :) 
i can feel youuuuu.weeee.
nothing special happen to me yet this February. really enjoy my holiday so much. yeah, i gained 4kg during my holiday -.-' not cool.
for some reason, i hate my body. too lazy and braaahhh, hate complaining.

yesterday (08/02/2012) memorable day ever!
awesome day with my cousin (Aida Meowdalina), Ash and Acap..whoaa, triple 'A' :P
three of us watched football in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil...
got free tickets from Astro Arena..yeay!
conjunction Ash's birthday (05/02/2012) :))
glad she likes it...

told ya.so awesome right?
haha, one of the reason why i'm watching football with these lads because of one of the Selangor player is my secret admire..konon laa..
he's so excited wants to be my friend and we're just friend for now :)
it's too early to conclude anything...yet, another 3 years to think about this..

whatever it is, Dear Mr. Football, nice to meet you! always be the Selangor supporter!  yeay!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

from Penang with lurve x

some photos how we celebrate our holidays together :) fantastic moment ever!

because penang is awesome :) #ProudToBeMalaysian mate!
and oh..
can you feel the love now? :P update soon, boogie!